Most people wouldn’t feel confident heading out in to the bush or to climb a mountain without engaging the services of an experienced guide to take them there. Would you go unprepared in to the wilderness, without a map or the right gear and local knowledge of the weather and conditions? No. So why do so many new business owners and entrepreneurs stumble and struggle through managing business challenges, instead of seeking a mentor. A guide. Someone who has done what you need to do. Someone who knows just what shortcuts and steps to take to guide you to where you want to be.

When I look back at the last few years of managing a growing successful business, I reflect on the milestones that got me to where I am today. Many of the hardest decisions, the reality checks, the priority setting I did, were because I had a mentor showing me the way. Someone who cared for me as a person, but wasn’t afraid to tell me when I had my priorities wrong, or to offer a different way of seeing reality and of managing the stress and “busyness” that tends to come with managing your own business.

The top 5 lessons I learnt from my mentor were:

FOCUS: MAP OUT YOUR ROUTE:  Stop being “busy” doing everything and focus on the outcomes you need to achieve to PAY yourself, to grow the business and to employ a team with specific skills

PLAN YOUR JOURNEY: Manage your time better by employing someone else to be your number one assistant and cover off all admin tasks, emails, social media etc so you can focus on the strategy. Pay someone to clean your house too. Your time is better spent on the vital steps you need to do daily/weekly to grow your business.

LOOK AFTER YOUR TEAM: No matter what: always make time for your family. Stop saying “I am too busy” “I don’t have time.” Be present when you are with them.

LOOK AFTER YOU: YOU are not your business. You are an individual with skills, passions, and the need to have YOU time. So whatever happens, your HEALTH comes first. Schedule in time for exercise/outdoor activity and ensuring you provide yourself and your family with nutritious food.

GET THE RIGHT GEAR: Don’t blow the budget, but DO invest in the right gear/tools/equipment you need to produce quality work. Good gear in the wilderness can save your life. Quality tools in business can save you SO much time and money in the long run.

Don’t go it alone. A journey in business and in life is made so much more meaningful when you share it with someone you respect and want to learn from.


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