Engage a GUIDE (mentor) As you journey in to the world of entrepreneurship and small business, there’s wise people out there that have been through SO many of the same challenges and lessons that you are working through. Instead of trying to battle it out alone, find someone you trust, someone you feel connected to, who has been there and done that, got the t-shirt, who is willing to spend time with you each month to brainstorm where you can improve on your business practices or personal development and help you solve some of the common issues of HR management, staff, resourcing, investing in goods or people to grow and future plans for the business, but also most importantly looking at how or if you can marry the goals for the business with your personal goals for work life balance and family or leisure time.

Seek out BEAUTIFUL places: Find a workspace that energises you/ your happy place: if you are constantly challenged working from home, and distracted by the housework and chores piling up around you, invest in working in a shared office space, a creative environment where you look forward to time there, can be productive without distraction and an brainstorm with our small business owners. Awesome spaces like The Powerhouse. Balance that with time outdoors away from your desk walking (or other) where you allow your mind to be creative and can engage in debate and workshop ideas with friends whilst doing something fun and rejuvenating.

Don’t be afraid to CHANGE DIRECTION/pivot when circumstances are telling you that the first route isn’t working: The idea or concept that you first started with in your business may not always be your main read winner/financial engine. If you honestly appraise your business and the figures, and ask yourself the following questions, without emotion, you may come to discover that there’s another service/product you have that has more potential for growth or can provide the leverage you need, and that your initial concept may have sounded good on paper but hasn’t paid for itself and is actually draining you emotionally and financially….

Discover YOU: Personal development: work ON yourself, not just FOR yourself. Go on a journey of discovery to find out what you get excited about, what you feel really strongly about deep down, what makes you feel whole… If your work doesn’t have meaning and doesn’t connect to the greater good of the community then rethink what you are doing.

Find a MAP of your financials that makes sense to you and gives you a clear picture of where you are: Engage a financial expert who can present numbers that mean something to you – so you can understand trends and look at how your business is performing without feeling overwhelmed and under qualified in accounting jargon and spreadsheets. Ask for charts/patterns or simplified reports that help you make sense of the business and where it’s at which in turn will help you to make decisions based on FACT and FINDINGS rather than EMOTION.

Pay yourself: Enough said!

CLIMB a BIG MOUNTAIN and choose the DATE: Set big goals and always have deadlines. You and your team will deliver better results if you know what you are aiming for and you have dates allocated to get there. Don’t be the person who says “One day I’ll climb Kilimanjaro…” be the person that says, “Next July I am going to climb Kilimanjaro, who is coming with me?!”


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