So you want to be an entrepreneur, start your own business, run a business from home, or pursue your passion. And you need to make a living.

The typical journey of the self employed/small business owner looks like this:

Start building the business, put in more hours working, less time sleeping, find little time for family or exercise, and consume ready made foods. Repeat this year after year and add to it more stress, less sleep, more caffeine, more alcohol and less greens.

The typical excuses sound like this: “whilst I am building my business I can’t find time to exercise, or to eat healthy food because I am strung out trying to earn a salary for myself, plus fit in family activities and keep my relationships together whilst I ride this wave of adrenalin and stress. The only way this business will be successful is if I commit all my time and energy to it.”

The rest is obvious….every few weeks there’s sickness/illness to deal with, brain fog, overstressed adrenals, health complaints and weight gain, headaches and tiredness, hormonal imbalances, relationship issues, self esteem issues or depression because of a combination of stress, lack of good nutrition, and a repetitive cycle of activity driven by adrenalin and no time out.

Rewind back to the beginning and think about this: if you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything: without your health, you will struggle to keep a business going successfully, your relationships will be under pressure and so will your finances. The stress levels will continue to rise and your health will suffer even more. And this relates not only to your physical, but mental and emotional health.

So, make your HEALTH and that of your family your number one priority. If you are going to be working for the next ten, twenty, thirty years, be it self employed or not, your health MUST be your number one focus every day of your life. If you have a team of employees, it’s vital that you are the role model, or they too will suffer and in turn their families and your business will too.

What’s the point in building up money and assets if you can’t live to enjoy them along the journey and later on when you hope to retire? Years pass by in a blur, your children grow up quickly and deserve a healthy upbringing too.

So you need to take your health seriously and make sure that for every year that passes, you have given yourself the best chance at longevity and a healthy future, without suffering from lifestyle diseases that take away your independence and the chance to enjoy doing the things you love with your family and friends. Make it your daily ritual to move every day and truly eat real food. And your children will have less chance of going on to make the same lifestyle mistakes that so many generations are repeating. Instead you can show them the only way to balance work, family and life- is to put your health FIRST.

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