There’s something about walking in the wilderness that brings us home to ourselves. I’ve found that connecting with people and their true sense of self happens almost by magic, naturally, and effortlessly when you get walking and talking in a beautiful, wild place. It’s why I find “networking” or talking to people in formal situations so much more challenging. Because I feel like a “fish out of water” perhaps, or don’t feel that we really get to connect with people on the same level when we’re in those more formal settings.

I’ve been privileged to spend time with women from all over the world, of all ages and fitness levels and interests and occupations and mindsets, on many mountain peaks and trails. But the one thing I know for sure, is that once we go through the journey of training together for an exciting adventure, or a challenging trek in the wilderness, and get to experience the remoteness, the immersion in nature and the sense of just being in a place and walking to the next place without any thought of the chores that need to be done, the messages that are waiting to be replied to…just the one goal of getting from A to B, surviving the elements, looking after each other’s mental and emotional wellbeing and taking in the magical energies of nature around us….we form a really strong bond and sense of community that lasts.

So much so, that we can’t wait for an excuse to plan the next adventure together so we can experience those wonderful moments again and again…

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