It’s entertaining to see how many similar themes and crazes emerge across both the fitness and the business space – do more in less time, get things done faster, quicker, short cuts to fat loss, quick tips on how to grow your business or your muscles in 4 weeks! I’ve worked and trained in both the Fitness and Business space for over 12 years and I can honestly say that there’s a long forgotten principle that needs to be reinstated for all of us in both spaces, that of ENDURANCE.

Endurance is all about improving efficiency and capacity – but it cannot be done without CONSISTENCY. There is no get rich quick trick to endurance. It is a progressive journey, where you focus your efforts to improve your mechanics and become good at the discipline you are training for. So you run to prepare for the marathon, and you climb stairs and walk for hours on trails to get ready to hike up a mountain. Sure, this training doesn’t exist in isolation and there are benefits to complementing them with some of the quicker/time efficient workouts. But you MUST do endurance training consistently and only then can you add volume and increase intensity once you have worked out how to be most efficient in your movements, and which fuel will work best for you. This is how you will start to improve your lung capacity and stimulate your legs, heart, lungs and other vital parts of your body to adapt.

In business too – we may often give up on a business deal, or a potential customer, or developing a new service or offering, right when it is just about to come to fruition! It’s usually at that point when something “tips” you over the edge and you feel spent, unable to give another minute of your time and energy to it. But resilience and endurance are interrelated and feed each other. Those that have consistently applied themselves to a project or goal, consistently focussed on it and believed in it, are more likely to see it through to the end. Being in business is tough. It requires endurance. You will be challenged from many directions, including from family and friends. If you believe in the service or product you are offering and you want your business to thrive and to last beyond the five years that most small businesses don’t reach, then you must practice endurance.

  • Be consistent in doing the things that make the most difference.
  • Be on top of your financials.
  • Be up to date with the latest competitors and the most effective marketing strategies for your business.
  • Know your team, and what drives them and most importantly, what doesn’t.
  • Practise self care, look after your health – without good nutrition (fuel for your body and brain) and restful sleep, endurance is not possible in any capacity for long periods of time.

So herein is where business and fitness meet. Your physical fitness, mental stamina and general wellbeing is directly linked to that of your business. For you cannot run on all cylinders, effectively and efficiently for long periods of time, without having the physical and mental health to do so. If you want to be an endurance champion in both your personal life and your business, then have a good hard look at the daily practices and habits you repeat in both those realms, and start to work on being more efficient at nurturing your health and consistent in giving your business what it needs to thrive and endure over time.

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