As a business woman, mother, wife and Trek Coach, I am constantly amazed at how the lessons I learn in the wilderness directly relate back to life and business. When you’re hiking up a mountain at altitude and you’ve been walking since midnight in -21 deg C, the wind howling and you can’t feel your hands or feet for the cold, and the summit of the mountain is just a dark shape seemingly so far away in the distance you wonder if you’ll ever get there in one day. But as the stars twinkle above you,you experience the very humbling realisation that in order to make it to the top, and then have the energy and determination to make it all the way back down again in one piece, you have to call on all your internal GRIT to get you there. You have to overcome sleep deprivation, extreme cold and often altitude sickness, and at the same time remain positive for the team mates you are hiking with. Your capacity to apply mental and emotional strength to keep climbing, and to know that the physical exertion and tiredness will be SO worth it when you reach your goal, is just like the GRIT you need in business and in life.

I’ve worked in small business for over 14 years, and hiked trails and climbed mountains across the globe. I have always taken on expeditions as part of a team, because I love the support, the wisdom and the joy that one gets from taking on a challenge together and learning from others. I left the corporate world many years ago and on my travels with my husband, realised that what I loved most was adventure fitness. I trained as a Master Trainer, and built up my experience of hiking in the wilderness, by taking on many outdoor adventure challenges and treks across the globe. At the same time I was privileged to earn the role of business partner with the Founder of Wild Women On Top, Di Westaway, and we went on to build a successful outdoor fitness and events business in Sydney. For 10 years I took on the role of Event Director, managing successful Coastrek events across Australia.

When I came to a crossroad in my life, pregnant with my second child, I made some big, brave choices to move our family to a place we loved, near to nature and the outdoors. It also prompted me to think about what would be next in my career. As a Coach, I absolutely love the journey of training with a team to get fit for a big adventure. I love the anticipation of a big goal, the excitement that ripples amongst the team as the departure date draws near, and the motivation it gives us to get out of bed and train, no matter what happens in our lives. I wanted to marry this with my passion for small business, and the many lessons I have learnt along the way. So combining these two passions, means I can share with teams and individuals the magic of walking in the wilderness, with the opportunity to gain insight and learn from each other. The personal growth that happens on top of this, is a magical side effect, if you learn to listen to nature, and to open yourself up to adapting to new and sometimes challenging situations.

With over 14 years’ experience as an Entrepreneur and Business Owner in Adventure Fitness and managing World Class outdoor Events, Lisa has led many teams to take on challenging goals both inside the office and out in the wilderness. Lisa is the Creator of Luvmyhike, a global Trek fitness App. She was also Event Director for the wildly successful Wild Women On Top Coastrek Team Trekking Events across Australia, from 2009 to 2017, which raised $20 million for The Fred Hollows Foundation.

As well as being an Adventure Consultant to organisations who seek to give their clients an amazing experience and provide them with the resources they need to be safe, fit and to enjoy the outdoors, Lisa coaches and leads Teams on World Class Treks incorporating endurance, altitude and often carrying a Full Pack of 18kgs or more for days in the wilderness. Lisa has successfully trekked all of the below bucket list hikes and more…


As a Trek Athlete in her own right, Lisa has completed 6 x 100km Endurance Team Events; adventure races, obstacle courses, ocean swims and fitness challenges in Crossfit and F45. Lisa is also a popular Speaker, sharing her 7 Summits for Life with Corporate clients like AMP and World Expeditions and presenting at the annual Australasian Fitness Convention Filex. She is a regular contributor to Travel Play Live, Urban Sweat and other adventure and fitness publications.

In 2019, Lisa took on her biggest ever adventure – to take on parts of the 10 Great Walks of Queensland in just 10 days, with the adventurous Luke Edwards, sponsored by Queensland National Parks and the National Trust of Australia, Queensland. Lisa and Luke covered over 250kms on foot in just ten days, and around 4000kms by vehicle, between Currumbin and Cooktown, interviewing rangers, filming the highlights of the Great Walks and creating important content to be shared with hikers who want to get out there and experience the amazing Great Walks that Queensland has to offer.

Lisa’s Get Trek Ready Program online also launches on 2019 as a fitting support for those who want to know how to be prepared for adventure.

QUALIFICATIONS • Master Trainer in Fitness Cert III and IV • Bachelor of Arts, Psychology • Postgrad Diploma Organisational Psychology • Leaders Wilderness Advanced First Aid • Wellness Coaching Certification