Our team are out exploring 10 Great Walks of Queensland in 10 days from Currumbin to Cooktown.

Hiking and running the Great Walk Trails is just one part of this expedition. There’s so much that goes on beyond the scenes each day and night in between exploring these trails. The long drives between locations are hard. We literally run off the trail in the afternoon and jump in the van, eat some food, refuel and drive.

We arrive and throw gear out the van, eat something, pack our packs for the next day, phone rangers and accommodation and other contacts who we need to update on our progress and grab a few hours sleep.

Mornings start around 4.30am wake up, drink coffee, grab food, throw all the gear back in the van and get on the road to the next trail. The crew interview rangers, do photo and video shoots and set out on route. Along the trail we film highlights and create content which is later downloaded and backed up in the drives in the van. As we travel by vehicle we also write reports, blogs, post social media snapshots of our day and talk through the next day or two itineraries.

Each day the planned itinerary is changed and tweaked and we’ve spent hours in the van talking through options, changing bookings for different times and locations and constantly calculating running and driving times!

It’s amazing what our small team has been able to get through. We slept on a park bench one night in -1 for three hours when things didn’t go to plan and we were in the middle of nowhere! Then we woke up after a restless night and got a lift with a local to the next trail to complete the run, starting four hours behind schedule.

I’ve truly been amazed that I’ve got this far! I have never run/hiked this many kilometres in consecutive days, across so many different locations and terrain on limited sleep, high adrenalin, lots of snacks, eating whatever goes and being under such tight time frames to get through the distances.

I was trying to work out what might be keeping me going. I think it’s a combination of the excitement of going to see new places, of being on an adventure that gives me hours each day in nature, with lots of laughs with the crew (in between the serious bits) and meeting wonderful people along the journey. It’s a huge bonus to have Luke Edwards as my team mate. His enthusiasm, energy and endurance is never ending and infectious.

I’m trying to fuel my body as best I can on the trails and then refuel in the small windows before going to sleep and starting all over again on fast forward. I’m certainly not getting it right each day, with limited time to organise food and supplies and yesterday’s 36k hurt a lot! The humidity, the steepness of the trail and the difficulty of the terrain underfoot meant concentrating non stop for six hours. We jumped over two brown snakes, one red belly and followed two big lace monitors along the trail.

In between the tough moments we have seen whales, turtles, so many birds, rainforest, beaches, sand dunes, forests, creeks, waterfalls, and sunrise and sunset each day for a week! We have met beautiful souls who have saved us from being stranded, lent us vehicles, fed us, given us a roof to sleep under, brain stormed routes and shown how much they love the National Parks they live near. So it’s all worth it.

This is the adventure of a lifetime. Despite the hard bits I’m truly, honestly loving it. I’ve been pushed way out of my comfort zone, but am supported and cared for my an amazing crew and also feel the love and support across the miles from family and friends. Here’s to the last three days of the Queensland 10 and to all who have made this adventure truly exhilarating. This has honestly been day after day of Life’s Best Moments.

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