TrekExecs, get your hiking shoes on and get out that office in to nature.

Benefits to you and your team:
You and your team will reap all the benefits of well-being in mind, body and spirit, when you take on a TrekExec adventure with enthusiasm and passion and switch off those gadgets to take time out in nature! Walking and talking and spending time together in the wilderness, opens the way to learning lessons in life and business, and helps us understand each other as human beings, away from the distractions and stress of the workplace. It can also be the birth place of great ideas and new strategies.

Contact Trek Coach now to give you and your team the best mind-body-spirit adventure, in the most beautiful places.
For the perfect complement to your adventure in nature, inspire your team with Lisa’s 7 Summits for Life Keynote.

Surf to Summit Trekexec Experience: 3-6 hours: the best of Noosa, Sunshine Coast and beyond.

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