12 Weeks of Fitnesstrek to get you ready for your Endurance Walk

Get Trek Ready for Endurance: 12 weeks of Fitnesstrek

This program has been designed to focus on endurance hikes. If you've just signed up for a 30/50/100km trek, or are preparing for a multi day endurance hike covering long distances, then this Guide and Program will give you tried and tested suggestions on how to train SMART and avoid junk miles and injury, what to pack, what to wear and much, much more.

By purchasing the Guide and Training Program, you also get access to over a dozen How To Videos, infographics and extra tips when you join our private Get Trek Ready Facebook Group.

As a Coach I have trained people for more than ten years for endurance hikes and charity treks, and have myself completed 5 Oxfam Trailwalker 100km events, one 100km Wild Endurance Event and multiple 30 and 50km endurance hikes.



Lisa is an amazing coach and wonderful person. Her hiking training is the best I have ever done and it does get you ready for your next hiking adventure what ever that will be. Her fantastic program caters for the experienced as well as the novice and her support throughout is fantastic. I am lucky to live on the Sunshine Coast but with her online coaching program anyone anywhere can train with this amazing woman.” Anka, Adventure Racer, Trail Triathlete and Hiker