It’s like being on fast forward, or the feeling you get when you drink too many cups of coffee in one day! The Queensland 10 Great Walks in 10 days, is now over half way through, and I’m loving every minute of it. As always, adventures like this bring so many unknowns and require a level of “letting go” and embracing change. I thrive on these kinds of adventures and the life lessons they always bring.

I had envisioned that the long hikes and runs, filming and travelling between destinations was going to be exhausting, but we don’t feel like that all all. A combination of good rest, healthy nutrition, the energy that comes from being in natural environments and discovering new places, plus making sure we are fuelling ourselves well each day on the trails, seems to be working.

My adventure team mate, Luke Edwards and I are feeling great on Day 5, better than we ever imagined. This is the most distance I’ve ever hiked in consecutive days and as the days rush by I feel I’m getting my “walking legs” on. It’s addictive! It’s invigorating. I love that feeling at the end of the day of a gentle tiredness after being active outdoors, and a camera full of photos of memories captured on the trails. Plus the inspiration to want to return to these magical parks with our friends and families.

The itinerary has been tweaked by the hour in the last day or so, as you would expect on such an adventure. The expedition was saved by the local people in the Carnarvon Gorge region who came together to help us on our way. After vehicle issues stopped us outside of remote Rolleston, we had to sleep on a park bench at minus 1 deg, not knowing if the whole journey was now going to fall apart! Talk about an adventure. We have laughed and laughed at the memories of this night. But all credit to our crew and the people behind the scenes who all stayed positive and changed bookings to find alternate ways for us to keep moving along safely on this great adventure.

It was an emotional day with having to make up for lost time and not knowing the logistics of how things would pan out. Nathan the local policeman, on his day off, picked us up and drove us to Carnarvon Gorge, where we started our hike four hours late. This meant moving really fast to get through the kilometres before dark. And we did it! We were blown away by the magnificence of the park, the natural beauty and the great trails. The change of plans also gave us an unexpected night to rest and rejuvenate. The team at Takarakka Bush Resort gave us such a warm welcome and home cooked style dinner complete with apple crumble and custard!

We have been so touched by the generosity of people along the way who have given of their time and resources to help us get back on track.

Thinking back over the last five days, it’s crazy to think went from Fraser Island to Carnarvon, such different environments and so far apart, but yet such gems of Queensland. Our night at Kingfisher Bay Resort was such a treat and fuelled us for the biggest travel days on our journey.

Here’s to the second half of the journey and the amazing walks awaiting us.

Thank you to all those who have hosted us, geared us up and given of their support so generously to make this Q10 adventure possible.

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