Do you have a bucket list adventure you need to prepare for?
Do you enjoy training outdoors, but want to find out how to get Trek fit and feel fabulous?
Do you want an exciting trek or hike to aim for, but you’re too afraid to dream, because you don’t know where to start?

Get Trek Ready Online has been created to give you the resources, confidence and fitness you need to be able to go out and enjoy many adventures on foot. You will discover that trek fitness is one of the best ways to improve your physical and mental wellbeing, through exercising in nature.

You can be anywhere in the world – Get Trek Ready is a fully online, remote training program delivered via specialised:
Trek Expert videos
A 58+ page Get Trek Ready Guidebook  
A 16 week Fitnesstrek Training Program with illustrated exercises
Facebook Live info sessions from Trek Coach 
Learning Units in a closed Facebook Group
All of these resources are provided to enhance your upcoming adventure trek. Learn about the best gear, training, altitude, hiking tips and more, and get your questions answered. This specially designed program will give you the confidence and motivation to get trek ready for your adventure, wherever you are, and thereby enhance your experience a hundredfold.

Whether you are an experienced hiker, new hiker, have a big goal to train for, or just need tools and tips on how to get the best out of those bucket list adventures on foot, you will enhance your trek experience a hundred fold by being Trek Ready.

Our beta test phase is completed and all the feedback, suggestions and edits have been incorporated. Register to be the first to know when the NEW version of Get Trek Ready is available, and receive your FREE ebook sample. (Check your email after registering – the download will be sent to you.)

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Loved the training program ‘16 weeks of fitnesstrek training’ particularly the increase in time/pace/ascents as the weeks continued. That & the variety of treks (endura/summit etc) made it interesting & easy to stay motivated as you achieved more each week. The guidebook together with the videos were informative, easy to understand & quick to read. Also enjoyed the live sessions – think you should have more!

“GTR has reinforced to me (someone who has suffered many injuries) to build solid foundations before concerning myself with endurance. I know I can complete a tough multi day hike with inadequate training. But my body always pays the price for it and now with kids to consider, the risk is too great. Here’s to building solid foundations.” Elise Grover