THE LARAPINTA TRAIL has long been a place I have wanted to journey to, and after my experience exploring the ten Great Walks of Qld in ten days last year, I was inspired to go away and put together something a little different for this year’s adventure.

A week of adventure, exploring highlights of the Larapinta Trail on foot, in the Red Centre. For recreational trail runners who want to enjoy the experience of being out in this wild and beautiful place and have the freedom to run the trail. Red earth, gorges, water holes, mountain slopes and big sky views.

Your days will be filled with awe inspiring scenery and varied trails. At night you will enjoy sitting round a campfire under a vast starry sky, in the comfort of a tented Eco Camp.

Over 5 days of trail running, you will cover between 20-30kms a day, taking in the highlights of the Larapinta Trail.

If you have done some trail running or have always wanted to do more of it, this trip will be the perfect combination of hiking and running, but it will mean focussed training in the 3-4 months leading up to give you a really good base to enjoy being out on the trails. It certainly won’t be for very experienced/fast runners who just want to get the distances done each day. This is more of an exploratory style where we enjoy the scenery along the way and take it at a jogging pace on the flats and walking/hiking the hills. 

The distances each day will be vary between 20-30kms, so more challenging than a typical walking day, given the terrain. One of the days will be a walking/hiking day, as it will encompass an early morning summit of iconic Mt Sonder.

The max temps at that time of year are only around 20/22 degrees C so perfect weather for a trail run. We will stay in the World Expeditions Eco Camps along the way and our gear will be transported between camps.

What to Expect:
7 day Adventuretrek
5 days on the trail
1 day pre trip in Alice Springs to arrive, unwind and get ready
1 day post trip in Alice Springs to relax and enjoy a team dinner
Pre trip support from Trek Coach to give you guidance on training and preparing for the trail.

Limited spots are available for this Adventuretrek, so BOOK NOW!

Photo credit: Graham Michael Freeman: Great Walks of Australia

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