In just under two weeks I will set out on one of the most challenging adventures of my life. To undertake the ten Great Walks of Queensland in ten days, from Currumbin to Cooktown. The trails will take us from wilderness mountains to the stunning Whitsundays, to Carnarvon Gorge and the Hinterlands of the Gold Coast and the Sunshine coast and the world class Hinchenbrook Island and Fraser Island and beyond. Our journey has taken months to pull together and even still, we continue to refine and tweak the itinerary and the logistics to work out how we will get from location to location each day, whilst still managing to film the highlights of each trail.

There won’t be much sleep, and the food requirements for a team of athletes, drivers, film crew and support crew for ten days, in two Apollo Campervans, is astonishing! My head is spinning with the detail of how to ensure we have enough water, power, food, clothing, and safety equipment to manage the hectic schedule that we will chase over the ten days. But besides that, I am excited. And that’s how I know it’s meant to be. When I was first invited to take part in this Expedition, I had no idea how much time I would spend training, preparing and working on logistics. But I know that somewhere along the way my hard work, dedication and love for adventure will pay off. After all, it’s not often one gets asked to visit some of the most spectacular locations in the world, let alone Australia, and to be given the opportunity to experience the Great Walks of Queensland in an exciting, hectic adventure! 

I am fortunate to have family who will step in and take care of my children whilst I take on this venture, and I am so grateful that they give me these opportunities. I truly love hiking and spending time in nature. Exploring new places and taking on challenges that take me way out of my comfort zone. It is hard to imagine that there will be just the two of us, myself and my fellow hiker Luke, and in some places, our crew, out there in the wilderness for ten days, on trails we haven’t yet explored. I am praying we don’t get lost!

But as we all know, finding our way is part of the appeal of adventure. The not knowing what to expect, how the weather will treat us, the steepness of the trails, the cold winter’s air, the long drives to distant locations and whether our feet will hold up. I like to think of hiking as a metaphor for life. If you take a leap, it’s worth it. You can be prepared with the right gear, the right food, the best hydration strategy, have worn in your shoes and taped your feet – but on top of all this, which of course is all vital, there’s the willingness to risk being out of your comfort zone on many levels. To risk venturing in to the unknown and to be willing to adapt and accept whatever nature might present to us. 

These kinds of expeditions can only come to life with the help of a dedicated team of people – I would like to thank the support crew who will drive us and film us on this journey, for giving up precious time, talent and resources to make this happen. To the sponsors who will clothe us, feed us and give us much needed resources to cover the many costs of getting the crew over 4000kms in ten days to make this expedition happen from start to end. Icebreaker, CLIF Bar, Apollo Campervans, Campers Pantry, Kingfisher Bay Resort, Takarakka Bush Resort, Binnaburra Lodge, Big 4 Whitsundays. And of course, to Luke Edwards for being the visionary behind this, for making this a reality and for inviting me to be part of this epic adventure! Here’s to discovering magical places and hiking the trails on Queensland’s most amazing Great Walks! 

Stay tuned to find out how to see our daily live updates from the trails.

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