I am very pleased to have become involved with Lisa’s Fitnesstrek group over the past few months. Lisa came highly recommended and I have been impressed with her knowledge, experience and expertise in this activity.

Lisa is very organised and helpful with all aspects of trekking and her online program Get Trek Ready provides a wealth of information and answers every question you could have about trekking in a range of climates and environments.

Our weekly treks are always well planned and varied, offering opportunities to increase fitness and trekking skills. I feel well prepared for our upcoming Mt Barney trek with my daughter and friends I have made in Lisa’s training group. I am really looking forward to testing my fitness. As my first trek with limited equipment, I am pleased to only require a day pack and to have the use of a cabin overnight. This is the perfect introduction to trekking! I look forward to other adventures with Lisa in the future. The hardest part will be choosing the destination!   Narelle Brewer, Noosa

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