Lisa Marshall is a one of a kind Wonder Woman. She has incredible drive and dedication in all areas of her life from business, friendships, relationships, being a mother, wife, mentor, friend and Coach.

In the time that I have know Lisa she has inspired be to be a better version of myself not just for my own personal well-being, but for the greater effect that this has on the people we spend time with- from friends and family to the wider community. Her drive and determination to have a positive impact on everyone she comes into contact with is just beautiful. Her passion for genuinely wanting to improve people’s lives and businesses are clearly seen.

Lisa is a “walk the walk” kind of person and will help in any way that she can. Her open mindedness and non judgmental aura means that people perceive her as trustworthy and open up in ways that they may not have done so otherwise. Lisa will always offer advice and give help in any way she can, but always makes sure that you are learning from the conversations. The time, effort and energy that she puts into her coaching shows how much she believes in her herself, her business and her clients, and rightly so.

I cannot recommend Lisa enough as a business & life coach/mentor.

Betsy Burnett, Finalist Australian Ninja (Disco Ninja), Coach, Sydney, Australia.

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